Monday, July 25, 2011


Last week my sweet friends at work threw me a baby shower! Wow!!!! It really blew me away! These people are so thoughtful and talented. It was just perfect! And of course... no diaper cake in sight! ;)

The spread... so cute!!

The invite!

Onesies and table decorations! See... so thoughtful! If you look close you
can see how each onesie has a special connection to our story.

#2 Cowboy boot because we are from Texas

The humor! Thanks, Sam!
The handmade! Love the simplicity of this :)
Handmade by Sandi

And finally the quiz. All the questions came from the blog! So fun!

A MILLION thank you's to all my fellow Hallmarkers!


  1. Wow!!!!! All the details are so incredible!!! Amazing!

  2. whoa! what an amazing shower.... we have a lot to live up to with our "friends" shower. ha!