Thursday, March 4, 2010


Aaron and I LOVE talking about names we like. We've had the name Arthur picked out for this little guy for a while and more recently we've found out just how perfect it is.

First, Aaron is a huge fan of Maurice Sendak and "Little Bear" is a special character to him. He even calls our dog, Wonder, "Little Bear" from time to time.

Second, Aaron is an incredible doodler. Doodler? Anyway he comes up with the most amazing little characters and the one that has become most dear to us is Manbear. Basically just a little guy in a bear costume.

As we were talking about the name Arthur, I decided to look up it's meaning. You ready for this?

Arthur is a name that probably dates back as far as pre-Roman times in Britain. It is possibly derived from the Celtic "artos" (bear), or the Welsh term "arth gwyr," or "bear man."

His name is Arthur.


  1. I actually got goosebumps reading that!

  2. That is so cool, you guys! Look forward to watching the video of you meeting your Arthur! Oh what a day!