Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It's been quiet over here, I know... but that's all about to change. First, let's play catch up!

This last year has brought a lot of change! I left Hallmark officially and accepted a new job at May Designs, working alongside Miss Mica May herself! It has been so fun dreaming with her and watching her company take off! Soon after starting at May Designs, Mica and I both found ourselves pregnant with dues dates 2 days apart! Crazy! Ezra Golden Hale joined us June 28th, weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds, 12 ounces! Arthur is such a sweet big brother and you wont believe it... but he's about to be 3!! Aaron is still leading worship up at the Methodist church in Kingwood, producing and writing in his spare time.

All of that brings us to today! Halloween! All Hallows' Eve! And the Eve of something really exciting I've been working on. The reopening of the Love is Waiting store! No... we arent adopting again (not yet anyway). This time your purchase will go to help OTHER families adopting. Cool right?? Here's how it will work.

Each family will get 20% of the sales from the store for ONE week. I will share a little bit about their story to kick off the week! Most families end up having to do multiple fundraisers and my hope is that the store can give friends and family another fun and easy way to support. I also hope to bring a bigger audience to each unique story! They are all so different and so beautiful! 

November is Adoption Awareness Month and the perfect time to get this whole thing started! I will introduce you to the first family tomorrow! That will be your cue to start shopping!!! Thanks for cheering me on and journeying with me into this next chapter!

If you are new here, check out my "Birth Story" and video of our First Moments With Arthur!

- Heather