Sunday, September 25, 2011


Since that last post, so many people reached out to me with encouragement and sweet words of advice and it has been oh so helpful. Most days I can manage, but then there are those days when I just don't think I can bear it another minute. I'm feeling much better now and excited to start a new week. I'm pretty sure Peg is working on getting us some new photos... AND guess what?! The judge is back and her staff must be up and running because she has agreed to look at our papers (and hopefully fix our decree) this week! By the looks of this fortune cookie Aaron got last week... it could be Monday :)

Also, there is a very big meeting happening at the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia this week! Ambassador Susan Jacobs, Special Advisor for Children's Issues at the U.S. Department of State, and Joanna Ruppel, Chief of International Operations for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Serviceswill all be there to discuss inter-country adoption in Africa and specifically in Ethiopia. They will also discuss Embassy procedures and answer questions.

I'm hoping this meeting will clear some things up so that we can see clearance for a lot of families. There's a group of about 20 of us from Children's Hope who are just stuck right now. Only 3 families have received clearance!

The good news is, our agency has been able to see what the Embassy wants from the families cases that were submitted a few weeks ago. Now they are ready with the documents as soon as the Embassy requests them. Hopefully that means that by the time we actually get submitted things will move along a little quicker. 

Here's to a new week! I feel like it's going to be an exciting one!


  1. I am hoping so hard for good news for you tomorrow. I keep coming back and looking at Arthur's sweet face, and I just want him home with you guys. Soon! Soon! We pray for soon!

  2. I had a dream last night that you and Aaron had posted a picture on your blog holding up a sign that said "62 hours." In my dream it was some sort of countdown toward bringing Arthur home! I am hoping and praying that we will see a picture like that on this blog very soon! Love you!

  3. Counting down hours would be awesome!! I'm getting tired of counting down weeks, months days.... blah