Thursday, September 15, 2011


A few weeks ago, the Ethiopian adoption community caught wind of this Buy One Get One Free promotion on Ethiopian Air. News of this promotion spread just as all of the Ethiopian Adoptive parents were starting to go a little crazy and were desperate to see their kids. NOT a good combo!

How gracious of God to send the travel angels down and give us this deal...

I mean, how can we really put a price on seeing our son?

We'll never regret it. This boy really needs his mama!

Better yet, we'll just go over there and wait it out! 

I gotta see him! 

I know it sounds crazy, but we just HAVE to go!

So many thoughts spinning through my head. So many people generously offering advice, financial support...  And it's true that we are both fortunate to have flexible jobs. We're fortunate that friends and family want to give us money to help ease this burden for us. But deep down I never really felt peace about going. Going felt more like a panicked, dramatic and desperate response. (Well, the panic probably had to do with the fact that you had a window of 4 days to book your flight.)

The more we walked down that bright and shiny road with blinking lights and signs that said "Go see your son", the more we found doors closing and a path that really led nowhere.

Our travel agent attempted to explain all these extra fees that i didn't understand and then finally compared the BOGO flight to a regular flight on another airline without a promotion.... The BOGO flights were only $70 cheaper!! AND they had us staying in D.C. overnight...

We spoke with the agency about our idea to come visit. They were so helpful and gave us a lot of information, but she couldn't really guarantee that we would be able to spend a lot of time with our boy. Their staff at the transition home is so busy!

Then my mom really let me have it when she said... "You know, this is really more for you and Aaron. Arthur wont remember this." Ouch! That hurt to hear,  but she's right! Don't you love how moms can just give it to you straight.

No, it's not ideal for Arthur to be in the transition home for this long, but he's healthy and the staff there are so sweet and loving towards him This is not a life and death situation. And even with help, we would still be spending everything that we have saved up for our second trip. If we are going to spend more money I think it would be more wise to spend it on a longer leave from work.

This journey is tough, but I want to believe that God is bigger than all of this... bigger than the distance. Bigger than 2 more months apart. Bigger than the demands of the US Embassy. I know that this is the path he has us on and that all will be redeemed in the end.  


  1. Great post Heather- your mama is so wise:) she bestowed much needed wisdom on us as college girls trying to navigate the world (although, I was certain back then I had it all figured out. HA!) A few of her pearls of wisdom still pop in my head today! Hang in there! I can't imagine how hard this must be, but you have one of the most supportive families I have EVER met and obviously from this blog, i can tell you have a wonderful, strong, amazing community of friends! You are in my thoughts and I am sending positive energy all the way from Oregon:)

  2. So sorry you are waiting out the rainy season, too! It is so hard. But, you're right, God is bigger and He loves our precious Ethiopian children even more than we do, He created them, and He is all over the situation!! Definitely let me know if you end up in the Houston area!