Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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It was an uncomfortable thing for me to invite people into our home and pray with us. The day after I requested prayer (from almost every person I know) I felt so weak, so selfish. I know so many people who are going through things that just as or maybe even more difficult than this and I wished that I was stronger. A couple of friends encouraged me that day and told me that they really admired the way we called on our community and hoped that our example would lead more people to do the same in tough times. Those words gave me a new excitement leading in to our night of prayer. We had no idea what to expect, but we went ahead and gathered all the chairs we could find and fit them in our living room. When we began to pray I realized that EVERY CHAIR was taken! It was such an amazing night filled with beautiful words from our friends. It was perfect. Every prayer was so unique. Each one spoke about our Father's heart for us and our family. He's walking alongside us,  sharing in our pain.  

Kelsey prayed through the story in Exodus about God leading the Israelites out of Egypt. She thanked the Lord for the path He chose for them. It was not the shortest path and the Israelites didn't understand. They panicked and doubted, but in the end it was clear that there was great purpose in that path. God did not forget them. God knew the best way!  

On Thursday we received the news that we would in fact have to wait for the courts to reopen. This was definitely hard news to take, but I'm trusting that there is a great purpose in this path that we can't see. So, the big question is WHEN DO THE COURTS REOPEN? Well... the courts could reopen anywhere between the end of September and the end of October. We probably wont know for sure until about a week before they open. Today we heard that the judge is back in Addis now and just might be back in the office next week. Oh, I hope!!!!  

I knew a lot of people weren't going to be able to be there in person, and I decided to write down the name of every person who committed to praying on our chalkboard door. I love the idea that we can show Arthur later how many people prayed for us during this tough time. Thank you so much!!


  1. I love seeing our names with the arrow on your board - you are very much in our thoughts and prayers, even though we couldn't make it. We hope for good news soon!

  2. So so so glad to hear your prayer night went
    Well. Praying for you guys and strength during this season. Love you.

  3. I did not comment on the prayer post, be we were praying and will continue to do so until Arthur is home.

    Also, can your boy get any cuter? What a handsome fellow!

  4. Hi Heather, We are also praying for you! My husband and I are also WAITING and PRAYING that the judge comes back early to sign decrees! We traveled for court in December of last year!! and one week after courts closed this past August we finally (along with 7 other families!!) got our MOWA letters just to find out we may have to WAIT until the courts reopen to get our decrees. I was very encouraged to see that you posted that the judge is back in Addis and my return next week, do you mind sharing where you heard that? You can email me theolisa@gmail.com We families have a weekly prayer call (as we are all over the country) and tonight I will lift you and your family up in prayer!

    God Bless,

  5. I don't even know you but I've been following y'all and Arthur's story for a few months now.... It breaks my heart that he can't come home yet, but then I remember that God is in control of all of this. I am praying for your family.

  6. We were watching a movie that night, and I set the timer in the kitchen so we wouldn't miss the start of the prayer session. I felt the energy sitting right here on my couch. I am glad to have been a part of it with you. :)