Friday, January 24, 2014


On a cold, wintry morning in Houston, we introduce the Schrocks! I'm so thankful for their honesty and willingness to share a little bit of their story. Sadly, there is a lot of corruption in adoption. It's a very vulnerable process and sometimes dishonesty, greed, desperation creep in and take advantage of the situation. Read about the Schrocks and let's see if we can help them raise some of the money that they lost. I'm so happy that they didn't let this slow them down. They are believing this is all part of the journey God has for their family.


Hello. Our names are Marlin & Rosie Schrock. We are from northern WI, where lots of snow flies and it gets COLD!, but we love the Northwoods.
We have been married for 4 1/2 years. We are in love with our AWESOME God and each other. Marlin owns a lawncare/snowplowing business and I work at a  local "north woods" décor and furniture store, and do the business paperwork. Our lives are busy.

BUT it just seems something is missing....
We have talked about adoption since before we were married. We knew having biological children could be an issue, and we knew instead of doctoring lots we would adopt! It is a very good thing we had no idea what our journey would be like. But we have learned lots of lessons and lots about just trusting God and letting things in His hands!
We started the adoption process in August of 2012. Paperwork seemed to take forever, but we were home study approved in March of 2013. We were excited... But what should be the next step, we wondered? We decided to sign on with a matching agency out of SC. They weren't as good as we wished they would have been, but in July we were matched!!! We were ecstatic! We were told our baby was due in the Sept/Oct range. We could hardly wait. But things didn't go as we hoped..... Six weeks later we were told our birth mom changed her mind and is not working with the agency anymore. We were rematched right away. We were beginning to have lots of questions about this agency, but we were rather naïve, I guess, and decided to trust. (BAD choice!) The end of Sept, we heard through other adoptive parents that were working with the same agency that the agency was saying "our" birthmom had had an abortion several weeks prior. (The agency was very bad at communicating with us) We finally reached the agency and they said, "yes, she did have an abortion, but is pregnant again and we would like to keep you matched with her." About that same time our matching agency called us and said they had just heard a lot of bad things about this agency and we should not keep working with them if at all possible. We told the agency we do not want another match, we would just like a refund and be able to move on. We had paid the agency $17,200. We were promised some of our money back for sure by the end of Nov. It never happened. We have since learned that we were double matched with another family the first time, and that lots of people have been taken advantage of by this agency. And we really don't know what is true of all the things they told us......
Needless to say we were devastated and didn't know what to do next!
One thing we did know though, is that we still wanted to adopt..... We had a hard time knowing what to do. We didn't know who was trustworthy.... We have since started working with another matching agency (Christian Adoption Consultants) whom we absolutely love! We are still waiting on a match at this point and meanwhile we are trying to raise more funds to try to make up for the money we lost, and to pay for our adoption that we know will happen in God's time.  We can't wait to learn to know the birth mom and the child God has planned for us. And we can't wait to see what color of child God has planned for us.=)
Thanks so much for helping us on our adoption journey. And please pray for us on this journey.
Marlin & Rosie Schrock


  1. Hi there! I was looking up some adoption blogs and found yours- I'm so sorry for what you went through with the first agency! I'm so glad you are now working with an agency you love! What strength and faith you've had throughout the trials, a wonderful testimony to many, I'm sure. =)

    Our adoption journeys haven't been "picture perfect" ones either (we have been in process for over 2 years now for our domestic adoption), but God's timing is perfect and that's what I cling to on the hard days. Wishing you all the very best!

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