Thursday, January 9, 2014


It seems that every adoption journey takes an unexpected turn. I love the way Justin and Stephanie have been able to roll with the punches! They are ready for whatever God has for them! Read about their crazy journey and support them by shopping Love is Waiting this week! 

We said yes to adoption in the summer of 2011.  We prayed about what country to pursue and decided on Ethiopia! We fit the country requirements and loved the culture.  We were accepted into our agency's Ethiopia program in November of 2011, and we started on paperwork! We were DTE in May of 2012 for a baby boy between 0-12 months.  As we began to wait, we felt the need to open our parameters; so we widened our parameters pretty big and began to wait once again.  In early January 2013, we saw our sons face for the first time, but he wasn't in Ethiopia! He lives in a tiny country off the West African coast, he's now 3 1/2 and just so precious! We are awaiting our final documents to file our i800 and begin travel approval.  You might be wondering, "what happened to Ethiopia?!" Well, we're still adopting from there too! We still sitting nicely on the wait list, and once our little West African is home for at least 6 months, we'll be ready to accept a referral from Ethiopia! So we're adopting two kids, at once, from totally difference countries! It's kinda crazy, and it's been an insane journey so far, but we're ready for what's next! Thank you for playing a part in our adoption story!

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