Friday, January 3, 2014


Take a minute and read about the Gourleys! I met Niki through Children's Hope International. She adopted Yoseph around the same time we adopted Arthur. Our little boys were in the same transition home and we spent many nights on Facebook Chat keeping each other sane while enduring an excruciating wait to bring our sons home! Now the Gourleys are waiting again to bring a daughter home! 

"Hello, We are the Gourley family. Adoption has long been in our hearts. We talked about adoption even before our first child, but decided to have our first the “old fashioned way”. Elijah Robert was born to us in 2OO8. A little bundle of energy that hasn’t stopped running since his feet hit the floor. We of course knew one child was not where we wanted to stop. The thought of adoption came into our hearts again, with full force when Elijah was about a year old. We researched all kinds of adoption, attended information sessions, and spent a great deal of time in prayer about it. We finally clearly felt God's calling to adopt from Ethiopia. We learned a lot during that adoption process- about faith, endurance, and blessings. We are proud parents of Yoseph James, who came home to us on December 1st 2O11. We love Yoseph very much. He has a very sweet personality, and loves to have fun. His adjustment and attachment in our family has not been without challenges. We have found help in our challenging times and he is now thriving. Six months after Yoseph was home we discovered that Niki was again pregnant. It was a bit of a surprise, but no surprise to God, who is the perfect creator of families. Lydia Grace is a beautiful, healthy baby girl. A perfect addition to our family. We know our family is not yet complete. We are again adopting from Ethiopia. We believe that this will be the last child added to our family. While traveling to adopt Yoseph we visited several orphanages. We were shocked to discover that many children with special needs are overlooked because no one thinks people will adopt them. We are going into our next adoption wide open to many medical needs. We want to give a family to one of those who may have been overlooked. We are currently on the waiting list and excited to meet our baby girl, hopefully in the new year."

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