Thursday, January 16, 2014


One morning I walked into work. It was a normal day… I was catching up with my boss and friend, Mica and she said, "Hey! My good friend emailed me yesterday. They announced that they are adopting again and want to order a custom book to sell to help raise funds." The crazy thing was, I had just finished the design for the journal that I would be adding to the store. It was all too weird! So, I reached out to Noelle to see if we could collaborate somehow. Here's what we came up with! THIS WEEK ONLY… when you buy a Love is Waiting Journal, 100% of the profits go to fund the Otts' adoptions… Yes I said adoptionS. Plural. They are adopting two more kids and when all their children are home, they will have 5! Forget the mini-van. That's 7-passenger van status. They need all the help they can get! You can also give through their Pure Charity page. Read more about their story below.

"Hello, from the Otts!
On October 10, 2012 we brought home our amazing 8 year son, Shimelis from the country of Ethiopia. We concurrently adopted Shimelis from another agency all the while remaining on the wait list for a little girl from Ethiopia with America World Adoption Agency (AWAA). We are also beginning the process of a domestic infant adoption while we wait for our Ethiopian adoption (approximately another 2 years)
You can watch our first meeting meeting with Shimelis here.
Adopting Shimelis was a wonderful surprise to us! we knew we wanted to adopt 2 children from Ethiopia and it is so exciting that our daughter might be home with us as soon as next summer!
When we adopted Shimielis, we were fortunate enough to have been able to pay fully for his adoption and still also have approximately 1/3 towards bringing our other children home, but, adoption is expensive. We're excited to have an opportunity to raise funds through Love is Waiting. We know that God is good and will provide for all of our needs.
Exciting to know that so many of you can be a part of bringing our children home. 
The Otts Family
Brad, Noelle, Shimelis, Cash & Maddie-Rose"

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