Thursday, January 30, 2014


After being married for a couple of years Jarrod and Amanda decided to begin growing their family. After a few months of trying to get pregnant, Amanda started to get anxious and had some tests done to make sure everything was ok. After ten months, more tests and hundreds of dollars, they received devastating news… there was only a 5% chance that they could have biological kids. 

"Hearing news like that is something that hits you in the stomach and then sinks in slowly.

And, let’s be honest, who ever truly expects to be told that? We didn’t…

And yet something in me had a feeling we’d get here when this all began."

She and Jarrod had talked about wanting to adopt someday, they just thought they would adopt after having bio kids. God has been giving Amanda and Jarrod confirmation about adoption for a long time and it is so cool to hear how their story has unfolded. 

"But even from the very first day...
amidst so much brokenness and pain...
when my husband and I looked at each other and knew we would adopt...
I have felt an abundance of peace and joy!

The Lord is already blessing us by giving us confirmation that he will lead us each step of the way until our baby…Yes,OUR BABY… comes home.

God is good… ALL THE TIME."

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