Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week's news has been difficult to handle. The weekends are always long because there's no new information. There's no one working on our case over the weekend. We are excited about a new week and we're inviting joy into our lives.

We have been dying to show you Arthur's room, but we've been waiting because something really exciting happened! The beautiful people at ohdeedoh have decided to feature Art's room on their blog! See the post here under "kids room tours". Still can't believe it! What a great way to express joy and hope as we start the week! Our friends at SCOUT PHOTO did an amazing job capturing the space!


  1. seriously??? i just read the post! great job...that is sooooo exciting! may the good Lord bless you as loads of people were recently introduced to your story and will hopefully will pursue adoption through your story!
    arthur's room is precious and was made with love.
    love you guys!


  2. His room is rockin! Can't wait to see him in there:)

  3. It's gorgeous. I am not at all surprised that it was featured on ohdeedoh. It looks so perfect, but it will look even better when Arthur is in there making messes. We are thinking of you every day and sending love and prayers to Arthur in Ethiopia.

  4. Love the room! It's adorable. Congrats on having it featured on there!