Thursday, August 18, 2011


So, the weekend in Lubbock was filled with great times with family, sad times with family, busyness and just a lot of little obstacles Aaron and I had to face together. But, the craziest thing that happened was on the drive home. When we got to Perry, Oklahoma we drove right into a dark and very scary storm. We decided to pull over so Aaron could drive. I was scared! We were under an overpass about to switch drivers when 90 mph winds threw gravel and rain at our back window, shattering it and breaking it in. The rocks continued to fly into the car breaking our side mirrors and rearview mirror (yes! the rearview mirror INSIDE THE CAR!) The dogs were with us. Poor Peaman was so scared he threw up and I somehow managed to catch it in a towel. Does that mean I'm ready to be a mom?

Here are some pictures of the damage.

And this, Ladies and Gentleman is why we have insurance!


  1. That is crazy! How scary.

    I didn't know this until recently, but the weatherman (Pete Delkus I beleive) said that the overpass is actually one of the worst places to stop in a storm becuase of the wind gusts and the possibility of it falling on you in a tornado! I always thought it was safer, but nope!

    I'm glad yall are safe!

  2. OMG.

    So glad you are safe. That's terrifying.

    Amersons - I saw the same braodcast on that being the worst place to stop, too!!!

  3. Yep! Found that out the hard way!

  4. Catching puke in a towel amidst 90 mph winds and shattered glass means you are already super mom!!
    so glad you guys are safe!

  5. Oh my goodness! Thank God you are all okay!

  6. I cannot believe that. How scary. And yes, you are ready to be a mom if you caught that vomit. Do youhave to get a new car now?

  7. hadn't read this yet when we chatted earlier! yikes! that is insane! so glad you guys are okay! And I love that the Aaron Hale sticker is still displayed despite the cardboard rear windshield. :) And yes, vomit catching is a veteran mama skill. You're so advanced!