Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today marks five weeks of waiting since we passed court and nine weeks of waiting since we met our sweet boy. NINE WEEKS! That sixty-three days! Two months of growth and development we've missed out on.

I'm trying to be careful and really think about what I say and what I post on facebook. In the past 24 hours I have posted and deleted two different comments! ha! I don't want to be negative or complainy... I'm just SO CRANKY.

One of the comments was about maternity leave. It's been a frustrating topic since day one. Frustrating and just so complicated it's hard to even explain. In my personal opinion, every mama, adoptive or not should get six months paid maternity leave with their child. Sound good?

When I step back and take a deep breath I can see clearly how lucky I am...

I work for a company who offers adoption assistance! wow!

I have a husband with a very flexible schedule (allowing him to watch Arthur when I go back to work)

I have a debt free life (if you don't count our house and one car)

A debt free adoption (with help from all of you lovely people)

Oh! and the most beautiful son in the whole world. I'm going to stop complaining now.

Hoping to share good news soon!


  1. This is why we like you. While I bitch and moan and cry and shriek and call people and yell at them to get this thing done already, you handle this with grace and style and trust in the Lord. You rock. (And I'm cranky, too. I also don't know when I'm returning from maternity leave.)

  2. We are praying for you guys and hoping Arthur is home very very soon. Thank you for being such a great example as Jesse and I are at the beginning of this process. I began looking into our maternity policy this week too, I stopped looking at it quickly after and figured I would worry about it later :(

  3. You are getting there! He'll be home so soon. Praying for hope and patience:)

  4. I love this---I'm right there in your corner girl! Oh to hold them again and not to have to say goodbye!! Tomorrow is huge--and we're all being lifted up in prayer all over the nation. Prayin for you sweet momma when I start to get cranky myself :)

  5. His eyes are amazing! Prayers that you get to bring him home soon!