Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We captured a lot of video while we were in Ethiopia and it's hard to really grasp (even just days later) what we just experienced. I'll watch the videos over and over and think "whoa... we really did that!" People ask how we're doing and if this part is hard or if we feel different now having met him. It's honestly hard to even answer just yet. I think we're still processing.

The first couple days we were back, Aaron and I were butting heads like crazy and after some thought, I kind of wondered if we were maybe just missing our son and trying to figure out how to deal with this whole thing. I remembered how different Aaron and I are when it comes to handling things that are tough. I tend to put up a wall, push through, act strong and stay busy. Which really is not the healthiest thing and is sort of the easy way out. Aaron on the other hand is completely ok with feeling everything, expressing his hurt and working his way through it. This is one of the things that made me fall in love with him. Fearless vulnerability! It is such a beautiful thing.

I'm thinking communication is going to be very important while we wait to bring Arthur home. We've got to respect each others process (right or wrong) and stay strong as a team! It wont be long!!


  1. You have such a mature self-awareness and perspective. Arthur is so lucky to have you and Aaron as his parents. It'll be fun to hear you describe his own personality and how he deals with the world around him. Can't wait!

  2. I'm excited to just read the little short blurbs about your first meeting of your son. My husband and I will meet our sweet-faced Bulgaria man near the end of July.

    We'll have to remember to video tape ourselves RIGHT before they bring him in because I loved your raw excitement in that video!

    Thanks for sharing your story. If you're interested in my story, hop over to my bloggy-blog....


  3. I'm impressed by your insight! Your honesty with yourself will make you a better mother. I, too, live in MO and am beginning the process to adopt from Ethiopia! How fun to find your blog. Thanks for sharing! You've been the inspiration I needed to get busy tonight. -Amy