Thursday, June 2, 2011


Aaron and I have been pretty disciplined when it comes to buying clothes for Arthur. We knew we just had to be patient. Even after we received our referral, we had no idea when he would be coming home. Even now we don't know how big he'll be, but we know how old he is! AND we know he'll be home in just a couple months! This week we gave ourselves permission to go get a few things. Maybe it's weird but I kind of just want to dress him like a grown man and skip on the cartoon critters. We found some really cute things at Old Navy and Target, but we're really excited to get our hands on some baby boy clothes from ZARA! Here's a little outfit I put together...

I mean seriously cute stuff, right?


  1. Heather, that stuff is very cute! I confess to having a weakness when it comes to buying baby clothing. Also like you, I was vey restrained when it came to buying clothes before Will arrived, because I didn't know if I would have a boy or a girl. Then after he arrived--shopping spree! :)

    If I may offer one bit of advice, it is to focus your shopping right now on onesies and easy on/off pants. In my opinion, onesies are better than shirts for babies who aren't yet walking. If they're lying down, rolling, or crawling, t-shirts hang down awkwardly, ride up, or get twisted. Also, onesies help hold up their pants! :) Shirts make much more sense after he starts, like size 12 months and up. Or you could just layer a t-shirt over a onesie, which avoids the problems I was just mentioning.

  2. Oh my goodness...that little jacket is amazing!!! You know I'm a fan of the little old man look. We had trouble finding baby boy clothes that didn't have some kind of sports theme. It seemed really wrong for us to put our child in anything sports-related! Haha. So, how old will he be when you bring him home?

  3. Adorable! I agree with skipping the cartoon stuff...never have been a fan of that for Tatum either. And I would add that after about 6 monthsish, onesies start to look a little funny when paired with jeans or pants- kind of gives the outfit an old man highwaist paints look since theres no shirt to hang down.

    So exciting that its shopping time for you guys! Are ya'll registering anywhere?

  4. Thanks for the advice ladies! Rachel, I sent you an email answering your question since I'm not allowed to post it here. And Christy, we registered at target and baby earth. What about you? You might need to register for some boy things... I think boy!

  5. heather. my favorite tshirts for river are just fruit of the loom plain crewneck tees. they are so affordable and in the little boys underwear section at target. they have packs of white or multi...and they have white sleeveless undershirts in size 2/4! so cute

  6. so excited for you...sad i didn't get to see your excitement face to face while i was in town...but perhaps next time i will get to meet arthur as well!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

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