Friday, March 12, 2010


Just sent off some paperwork today. Included was an adoption agreement, fee schedule, release form, questionnaire and a home study agreement (since we're doing our home study through Children's Hope). Now we wait for final approval, then things will really start moving!

Oh! Also, Wednesday we learned that there has been a change in the Ethiopian adoption process. All prospective adoptive families must now travel to Addis Ababa for the Federal Court hearing before your adoption can be approved. This means that we have to travel to Ethiopia twice now instead of just once to go pick up our child. This also means MORE MONEY! I'm half overwhelmed by this news and half excited, because we'll get to meet Arthur a little sooner and have a few more days to experience the culture there.


  1. Found your blog through Aaron's twitter. Would love to keep in touch with you guys! We are starting our adoption process through Ethiopia as well. We're working with Holt International-at first we were looking at Uganda, but that program is just starting and being evaluated for a time. Anyway, I, too have been reading Adopted for Life and I find myself crying at some point at each chapter that I've read. Hopefully we can keep in touch as we all go through this awesome journey! Be blessed...

  2. Hey Heather! I was shocked by this news...a bit bummed...but it could be good. (Lord willing, we'll adopt from Ethiopia again!) I heard that it makes the adoption final once your child arrives home on US soil. This seems better than going through re-adoption process that we need to get going. Look forward to visiting more with you.