Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Aaron is SO EXCITED to be a dad! I love this picture of him. It just shows his heart so much. He's a natural with kids. Yesterday we talked a lot about the reality that we are going to be parents. It's starting to sink in. We're ready to start making a space for this little one and we just want to buy all sorts of things for him. I got home from work yesterday and Aaron had bought a little blanket with african animals on it. He took it out of it's packaging and cradled it like a baby. So stinkin' sweet! Earlier in the day he asked, "Should I be Dad, Poppa, or Pop?" I said "what feels the most natural?" he said "none of them do. ha!" Maybe we'll just let our son decide.


  1. How cute! I say he should be Daddy. :)

  2. Do you think a baby can say "Guillermo"?

  3. Ha! Ours will because he's gonna be the smartest baby in the world.