Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yeah, I know... only a month in and I'm already talking about patience. This past week has been hard. In the adoption world we are on track and everything is going smoothly. Life, on the other hand, seems to be spinning out of control! It's just been one of those weeks where all those little financial nuisances you hate to deal with happen at the same time! This is especially annoying considering we really want every extra penny to go toward this adoption.

When we started this process I just wanted to get through it as fast as we could. I had my mind made up that NOTHING was going to slow us down. I think that there was a lot of excitement around telling people about our decision to start a family and it almost made it feel like Arthur was just around the corner. I was sprinting to that corner leaving a complete mess in my path! After a couple of talks with my mom I realized I was just getting WAY ahead of myself. It's hard not to fast forward to the fun part. I want to kiss him and love him and tickle his little belly, but the reality is that he's not just around the corner. He's half way around the world and we don't even know if he's been born yet! My mom's advice was to enjoy this process for what it is now and try to take it one day at a time. Don't you just love moms! I hope that one day Arthur will rely on me the way I am able to rely on my mom... and there I go getting ahead of myself again :)

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