Saturday, January 15, 2011


Wow, this is starting to feel real! This is really going to happen and right now I don't really feel ready. I don't even feel like getting ready. Example: I was running errands and a Kid Rock song came on... you know... the one about "drinkin whiskey from the bottle, not thinkin' bout tomorrow" and it just sounded so great! ha! and if you know me, that is SO NOT ME!! It doesn't help that the song is all about summer and we've had snow on the ground for over a week!

I've just had so much on my mind. Taxes, adoption money, the room, our anniversary, just getting to the grocery store. Aaron and I have been sick and even the smallest things seem to be a struggle and I keep thinking about how things are about to get a lot more complicated! I know feeling this way is probably so normal, but wow! I'M GONNA BE A MOM! and I'm kind of scared. So there's that.

In other news, we haven't budged from number 19 in three weeks! Which I guess is ok given my recent fascination with Kid Rock. Don't worry, I'm sure it wont last. ;)

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