Monday, November 29, 2010


A Thanksgiving dinner for two. We decided to stay in Kansas City this year. We missed family, but it was nice to just relax and have a few days off without traveling. I ended up making some fried chicken and mashed potatoes... mmmm! I kept thinking about how this will be our last Thanksgiving without Arthur! So crazy!!

We made it out to the Plaza lighting ceremony, which was fun but sort of anti climactic.

The crafty chicks show was really fun! I got to meet Zinashi and some sweet friends came out to support me :) THANK YOU!!

A few weeks ago I had a few friends over for pot pie! Each pot pie had the guest's initial on top. Tegegne got a kick out of it!

Told you... random.


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  2. man, sorry i missed your crafty chick show! i thought i was caught up on your blog, but nope. i missed the info about the show. hope it was fun. thanks for having us and the little stink bug over for dinner. we LOVED the monogram pot pies!