Friday, November 5, 2010


I get so excited every friday when I get to take another link off of our waiting chain! And today marks 6 weeks of waiting!! Can you believe it? I can't. I have heard stories of how painful the waiting period is and how time just stands still, but so far, I'm not feeling that way at all. In fact, I almost feeling the opposite... meaning I'm kind of freaking out! I feel like there's so much we still need to do and time is flying by. OH! and according to the email updates we get from our agency, the wait time seems to be getting shorter and shorter! The last family to get a referral only waited 7 months... what?!

I think it's time to do some reading! I need recommendations. Arthur will likely be 5 months or older when we bring him home and I don't really know anything about babies. Help?


  1. AhhhhhhhHHHH! I feel you!!!

    We just turned in our dossier today...I mean, I JUST turned it in like an hour ago. I feel like I'm going to explode!!! And our agency thinks we will be matched in a pretty short time too. All of a sudden I'm realizing...I don't have anything yet! No crib, no bottles, no diapers...Heather what are we going to do!??

    I am so excited for y'all. I can't WAIT to "meet" little Art, and then hopefully meet him one day!!!

  2. Heather! Yay for yall...youre gonna be a great mama, even if you feel like you don't know anything. You know Jesus and that is the most important, most helpful, most impacting and most transformational person and all you really need to know to be a good parent. Remember that when it gets scary
    as far as the day to day eat-play-sleep rotation...I recommend reading Becoming Babywise. It works real miracles as far as giving you freedom through a routine. And also a friend who has kids that you can be totally honest with & call crying & and ask crazy questions.
    Love you. Can't wait to see arthurs face
    I love to read the blog and I can't wait to own a pretty Love is Waiting tshirt