Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing women and mothers who don't mind me asking a million questions. I've gotten some really great, really funny advice about being a mother. I thought I would share some of what I've learned...

"Don't read too many books. They will just freak you out!"

"Adoptive parents are better... they want it more." (he was kidding... sort of)

"Find a mom who you really love their parenting style and ask them lots of questions." ( sweet Olivia)

"Parenting is 1/3 love, 1/3 discipline, and 1/3 sitting on your hands." (from Kristyn via "Blessings of a Skinned Knee")

"Ask your mom." (duh. I can't wait to hear all of my mom's secrets)

"Knowing Jesus is the most important, most helpful, most impacting and most transformational person you could know and all you really need to be a good parent. Remember that when it gets scary." (Thank you Besty!!)

"Drug 'em and send 'em to day care. You can at least get a half day out of it." - HAHAHAHA

Here are some books that were recommended. I'm going to heed that first piece of advice and try to decide on a couple. Here they are...


  1. all great advice! i think i'll look into babywise and maybe the baby whisperer too. the blessings of a skinned knee does not talk much or maybe at all specifically about babyhood, but just parenting and children as a whole.

  2. um, you're the sweet one, but thank you.
    i'm humbled by the shout-out, seriously. also, please know that your hallmark family will be ready and willing with tons o' advice--whether you want it or not. xoxo -oc

  3. I've been reading this and LOVE it:

  4. Baby Whisperer is THE book I referenced as a nanny. Such great advice, and so practical. Happiest Baby on the Block is also excellent, and we use some of the soothing techniques with our daughter even though she's three. I also would HIGHLY recommend Attaching in Adoption by Deborah Gray. It's long, and she gives some worst case scenarios, which did freak me out a little bit, but the information about the stages of attachment are so valuable that I still recommend the book. In each section, she gives a list of your tasks and your child's tasks for that phase of attachment. I reference these often now to make sure that we're doing our work and not missing any red flags.

    Beyond those books, honestly, I just use the internet. Currently I'm going through all the videos and articles on The one about food issues has been the basis for how we approach food with our daughter, and I just watched the one about sharing power with your child and liked it a lot, too.

    Good luck with sorting through all the books and advice! It can be overwhelming, but I feel like the more I read and listen and ask questions, the more ideas I have about how I want to parent.

  5. So great to read the comments and get the book reading advice. My husband and I are in the waiting period as well- adopting domestically age 0-6- so we don't know what to expect!
    I'll be checking out these books asap. Thanks and I'm excited to read more about your journey!
    PS found you thru mimi and meg via little green notebook... random, I know