Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here's what's happening with the adoption in detail for those wondering. We submitted our home study about 4 weeks ago and received an appointment to be fingerprinted August 2nd. In the mean time we've been putting our dossier together and last week sent it in for review. We got a list of things to fix and things that were missing. As soon as we complete these things, we should be in a really good place...

- get new doctors letters (wording and notarization was wrong... plus I spilled water all over them. ha!)
- complete class for first time parents (signed up for August 3rd)
- get Aaron's employment letter re-stamped (the stamp was smudged)
- fix financial form (DONE)
- get 3 reference letters signed and notarized (they're on their way!)
- type out power of attorney, sign and notarize
- fingerprints (August 2nd)

We're getting SO close!


  1. You ARE so close! Oh, man, I think I love the thought of someone finishing their paperwork almost as much as I love hearing about a referral. I just remember well what a herculean task it was, and it makes me excited for you that you are so near to finishing it. YAY!!!