Friday, March 14, 2014


How adorable is this little one!? And big sister looks so proud! For the Holsopples, their wait is over! Kellen is home, but we know that doesn't mean they no longer need support! Their court date is in just a few days and I'm excited to celebrate with them this week and give towards their adoption. When you shop this week, a portion of the profits go to the Holsopple family.  Read their story below.

Soon after the birth of our daughter, Emerson, we knew that another pregnancy was not an option to grow our family.  Adoption was our next choice… but it wasn't in God's timing yet.  Kendall and I were on separate pages on what we thought our adoption should look like - international or domestic, infant or toddler, boy or girl, open or closed, etc.  We knew that unless we were united on every part of this journey, it wasn't going to happen for us. 

Years went by, and I mean years.  But we were finally united!  We already had an agency picked out (the same one we had picked years ago) and began our journey.  We started in March of 2013 and after many meetings, the home study, and mounds of paperwork, we became an official waiting family in August 2013.  Now the real waiting began - we were paper pregnant! 

Anyone who has been down this road understands the roller-coaster of waiting.  I teach and Kendall farms, so we were always able to stay “busy” and not let the waiting consume us.  Kendall was actually on his way home from a farm show in Kentucky when we got the call.  It was a Thursday night and we were told that a birth mom was in labor and we were the family!  Kendall was home in a couple of hours and then the real waiting began… through a long labor, our son Kellen Eugene Holsopple was born on Valentine's Day.  What an amazing addition to our family he is.  Emerson absolutely adores him and we are so thankful and humbled that he is ours.  Our court date to make everything official is on St. Patrick's Day - he will be forever ours. 😊.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!  We are so thankful and grateful for your  support.  Thank you again. 😊.  

Love Kendall, Heather, Emerson, and Kellen

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