Friday, March 7, 2014


I've been so excited to enter into the Lenten season this year. For whatever reason, I was very motivated to commit to fasting and I'm ready to spend some good time over these 40 days to pray and prepare for Easter. I knew right away that I wanted to/needed to fast from watching television. What I didn't know was that this decision was going to deprive me of joy of watching the SEASON FINALE of the Bachelor. Yes, I watch the Bachelor and a lot of other dumb, life-sucking shows... which is why I'm fasting from television. 

It's been pretty interesting these first few days to see how my time is spent when tv is not an option. The first night, I slept, the second night, I went out and celebrated my birthday and tonight... 

Tonight I put my boys in their beds, cleaned up the kitchen and then got totally lost in Instagram. One comment led here and then this hashtag led there and I ended up on an instagram account of a mother who lost her infant son about 5 weeks ago. I went back in her history to her pregnant belly and then back to the day she gave birth to her 10 pound son. I read her post, sharing sad news and asking for prayer. I saw this beautiful, perfect newborn baby change into a sick, swollen baby with tubes and cords. I read the post she shared the day she lost her son. I got lost in this gut wrenching story. 

When I was finally able to peel my eyes away from my phone, I thought about my two boys sleeping in their rooms. They came to us in different ways, but they both CAME HOME. Healthy, happy baby boys. Tonight I'm not taking that for granted. Thank you, Jesus for these two AMAZING boys. I am grateful. 

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