Friday, November 1, 2013


Phillip and Shelly head up the Hunter family! They have FOUR biological kids and are in the process of adopting their 5th from China! They are just a few weeks away from getting their Dossier to China, and then will have about an 18-24 month wait for a referral. They are pursuing a waiting child (moderate special needs). God did amazing work providing them with the funds they have needed up to this point. I'm hoping to help them get a start on raising funds for the second half of their adoption! Phillip is the associate pastor at their church and they have been encouraged by the growing awareness around adoption in their community. I loved what Shelly had to say about adoption in her email...

"We believe adoption is the Lord's heart and we want adoption to be our heart too!  He calls us to care for the widows and orphans, and though we can choose to adopt, those children do not choose to become orphans. We are called and willing."

Thank you Phillip, Shelly and Hunter kiddos for being the first Love is Waiting family! 20% of this week's sales go to support their adoption. 


  1. How wonderful for the Hunter family! :)
    The link isn't working. It says, "This isn't a storenvy store yet."