Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Wow! The last  30 days have been CUH-RAZY! (stealing that spelling from you, Darby) Here's kind of how things went...

November 29 - Leave for Ethiopia to pick up our SON! (with only one day to pack and make travel arrangements)

December 1 - Pick up Arthur on his birthday and spend 5 beautiful days in Ethiopia

December 6 - Party at the airport! Our sweet friends welcomed us home with signs and balloons :)

December 7 - Aaron gets sick... like can't move... like can't get out of bed... just ill... leaving me to care for our new babe. I was exhausted, emotional and to be honest... wasn't really that confident in my abilities as a mother, so my mom came for a few days to help out! SO GLAD we did that... even though we originally planned on the first few weeks being the three of us. 

December 14 - pack up my desk at work and introduce Arthur/say goodbye to my sweet Hallmark friends :(

December 17 - Going away dinner to say goodbye to our dear friends in Kansas City... BOO HOO!

December 18 - Jacob's Well one last time. This is the first church I've really felt a part of, this is the church where we found community, this is the church where I was baptized. I will miss that place!

December 19 - Pack up our car and leave our home to celebrate Christmas in Lubbock with family. 

Christmas was CRAZY!!! Always is... in both good and bad ways ;)

December 27 - Aaron and my dad drive back to Kansas City to pack up a small U-HAUL of things to fit into a one bedroom church apartment that will be our temporary home until our house sells. 

December  29 - Aaron's sister and I drive from Lubbock to Houston to settle into the apartment. 

January 3 - Aaron starts his new job at Kingwood United Methodist.

The truth... it's been tough! This is not how I pictured bringing Arthur home! It's just been chaos! We've kind of been in survival mode and living out of suitcases since we picked him up. I've had to let a lot of things go. Hopefully we can start to get into a rhythm now that we are settled. 

Just wanted to catch you up. More about Arthur and how freaking amazing he is in the next post... promise!


  1. Oh I am so glad to get a post update!! I know the first month is said to be a whirlwind and that's without moving and sickness and Christmas. Glad to know you all are well!! Can't wait to get a bigger update when time allows. Still praying for the transition for your family:)

  2. I just came across your blog... and I have no clue how but I'm so excited to catch up on you guys and your adoption journey! I can tell we already have a lot in common :-)

    Your baby boy is beautiful! So precious!


  3. So glad to get a little update and looking forward to more in the future! I'm so thankful for God's grace and mercy for y'all in that crazy month... like you said, I'm sure things will get into a good routine now that y'all are in Houston :) I can't WAIT to read about how Arthur is doing and what he thinks of everything!