Wednesday, October 13, 2010


... but when you want something from IKEA you have to sort of seize the moment or else you will pay a mega ton in shipping. Am I right??
I've had my eye on this crib for a while. Simple, modern, affordable, just love it! And get this, it was Aaron's idea to go pick it up on his way back home from Waco a couple weeks ago! What a sweet dad this one will be :)

Almost as soon as he picked it up, my sweet cousin, who has two beautiful kids, expressed some concern in our choice. Aaron even made a comment about the crib looking really small. So together, my cousin and I did some research. At first glance we found some things that were a little questionable. 1) they don't come out and say that the lacquer is non-toxic and 2) the measurements were quite a bit smaller than your average crib.

I was very happy to find this review on Turns out the paint is non toxic AND it's one of the best reviewed! As far as the size goes, we thought maybe it fit the description of a mini crib, but it's more like something in between the mini and the standard. Sort of perfect for us and our tiny house. The more I research the more I find amazing reviews... like this one!

"We used the Ikea Gulliver crib. It was 80 dollars or something, but went through 4 kids. My friend has it now and she has 2. I loved the look of it, and it was one of the best cribs I have ever seen. My friend spent $400 on her crib for her first and took mine for her second and third because the first crib fell apart."

Probably more than you ever wanted to know about cribs, but I'm so glad my cousin voiced her concerns, because I'VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. It's so wonderful to have people around you who love you and want what's best for you. I am definitely inspired to do my research from now on! Thanks Dinah :)


  1. The book Baby Bargains is a lifesaver. It has real life family reviews for every baby/toddler/kid product out there. Tells you prices, value for your money, everything. You can get it at pretty much any bookstore in the baby section. My friend let me borrow hers, and it has been so helpful! Good luck mommy to be!

  2. way to research, heather! what bedding are you thinking of? i've got to get on track with you. i think my mom has a crib and pretty sure it's smaller than regular...which i think will be fine. i'm ready to get it here, but would like to move first...can't wait to see yours up in arthurs room!