Thursday, April 24, 2014


I know I must sound like I say this every week, but I am SO excited to share this family's story! They have been on a pretty crazy journey since getting married and I am so proud of their bravery in sharing their story! And speaking of BRAVE... they are pursuing the adoption of 3 BROTHERS! So incredible. Click here to shop this week to give 20% to support their adoption.

Our story begins like most…A young married couple longing for a family. We were lucky to find one another because we both have a huge heart for orphans.  Sharing that passion, adoption was always in our plan. (We are talking, didn’t put a ring on the finger until we figured out how we would like to adopt!) Like most young couples we thought of trying for biological kiddos first. Now here’s the part where I tell you why we’re not like most young married couples. Well most young couples that don’t struggle with infertility issues.

Greg and I first started “actively” trying in May 2011. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and the doctors recommend we try “fertility” treatments. We felt in our hearts that was not an option for us at the time. In June 2012 we had a little miracle, 2 little miracles to be exact, but we never got to meet them face-to-face here on this earth. For the next year and a half we go on to trying different fertility treatments only to struggle with getting pregnant and not staying pregnant. I wouldn’t necessarily say that “we felt God’s love the entire time” because we were upset and confused and honestly, we really just didn’t get it! One night in May 2013, after many prayers and many tears we had a thought, “Why are we trying so hard for a biological kid when there are kids RIGHT NOW who need a family?” That thought changed our lives for good. Our hearts ache for our kids that we will never get to meet, but the love that Greg and I had before this whole process has only grown. We believe that God never left our sides, even when we desperately tried to leave His. He remained ever faithful and ever loving. Many prayers, thoughts, and love have come our way over the past 3 years and Greg and I have been strengthened from it. 

Now here we are in April 2014 potentially adopting not one…not two…but THREE BROTHERS! Yes, we are one of “those” crazy couples, but Greg and I have always felt a little more comfortable around crazy people. We know that we have more trials ahead, but we also know that our God truly is FOR us, never against us. Adopting is one way for us to really show children in this world what God’s love looks like in their lives! That unrelenting love…So here we go…

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  1. Heather,
    Thank you for sharing your story! For some reason I keep hearing people's stories about infertility and losing their precious babies. I happen to be adopted from Russia and have lived in the United States for the past 18 years of life. I wanted to encourage you in your walk with adoption and wanted to see how the process was going.

    Here is a testimony from March 2014:
    I was saved my freshman year of college and relied on Jesus for my salvation. I have struggled with being a Christian because I knew there was something more that I was missing in my personal walk with the Lord. This past spring break I went to a conference called Father Heart and experienced God’s love. I had not been able to experience his love previously because of unforgiveness in my heart and pain that I was holding onto from my past. I had a great encounter with Father and now know that I am His beloved daughter. I realized that even though I was not an orphan anymore that I still felt like one and the “orphan spirit” was still inside of me. I felt that I was alone and had been abandoned. But this was a lie the enemy fed me because God has already redeemed me by sending his son, Jesus, to wipe my sin away. Romans 8:15

    I resonated with your post about believing God never left your side, even when you desperately tried to leave His. I know that you will be great parents, not because you are "good" people but by knowing Jesus and believing He is good. Thank you for your willingness to adopt and show Christ to children that would not otherwise have the hope of salvation.