Monday, May 16, 2011


By now you know that this process is sort of a roller coaster and very unpredictable. This might be why I don't react too quickly to news, well at least bad news. I've been able to remain hopeful when things don't look that great. I credit that mostly to your support and prayers over us... thank you!

Ok, the good news... you ready?

Today court dates were given to three families. These families received their referrals just a week before we received our referral. They travel to Ethiopia in three weeks!

We could be meeting this boy very soon, people!


  1. So it sounds like the "slow downs" aren't slowing down as much as we thought? Has your agency updated you about this recently...I'm curious!!

  2. Come on Court Date, Come on Court Date! You must be right around the corner, so reveal yourself!

  3. So excited to hear you all are so close! Praying for this to happen swiftly and for all the chaos in ET to quiet down!

  4. awesome, awesome, awesome! hope you're next!

  5. YES!!! Incredible news! Praying for court dates to come soon so we can meet this guy of guys!