Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last Wednesday Aaron and I celebrated three years of marriage! It was fun for me to look at our life and sum up what I love about our past, what I love now, and what I'm looking forward to. I found the idea for these crafty anniversary things a couple different places. (arrows and notecards)

This week also marks one year into the adoption process... what?? This year has flown! Up until the last few weeks, the waiting hasn't been so bad. We always felt like we were making progress and it was exciting to tell people where we were in our wait. With no real news to report for the last eight weeks it's starting to feel like this is never going to happen. It's such a weird feeling. We just feel really disconnected from the whole process right now.


  1. Hang in there! We are also adopting through CHI. I know the feeling of separating yourself from the long drawn out process. Especially after getting excited (maybe a little too excited) after a few months of crazy progress, followed by a few months of nothing. Hang in there :) That baby will come.

  2. oh my goodness!! I think we need to be friends. my baby sister introduced me to you, well, she told me about you and your adoption and she knows you guys. we're adopting too!! let's hang out :) i love your tshirt designs btw. a BRILLIANT idea.