Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Wednesday Aaron and I had an appointment to close on our house. We were able to refinance, which is going to be a HUGE help with our budget. Aaron made the call about a month ago to get everything started. He told the mortgage planner that we were trying to save for an adoption and when we met with her to sign papers she seemed really curious about the process and asked lot of question about our adoption. I could talk about it all day so it was no big deal ;) After the last paper was signed she put a gift bag on the table and said, "Ok, this is totally unrelated to the loan. It's a gift from me. Ever since I talked to Aaron on the phone and he told me why you guys were doing this I was so touched and really wanted to do something for you..." And so on.


She found our blog and as far as I'm concerned she is a master scrap book maker! How beautiful is this? The paper work for this adoption has taken WAY longer than we anticipated and I was kind of down in the dumps, but this totally made my day. It's so cool to know that there are people out there that we don't even know thinking and praying for us as we continue on in this journey. Thank you Erin! You are a blessing :)


  1. nice! what a wonderful gift!

  2. You are such a doll...thank you for putting up with all my questions about your amazing adoption girlfriends call me "The Interviewer" because I tend to be very inquisitive! :) I am so thrilled that in some small way I helped boost your spirits! God Bless You!