Friday, August 20, 2010


Today is special for a couple reasons... one, we finished out dossier and sent it off to be state certified! Yippie! ...and two, today is my dad's birthday!

I told you about my mom around mother's day, and you were probably a little jealous because she's the coolest mom ever! Well, you're about to feel jealous again because my dad is awesome too :)

A CRAZY smart business man, he has grown his roofing company to be named the #1 roofing company in the nation by ABC roofing supplier. First and foremost in his heart is to love and support his family. I know this because he has been committed to loving and supporting me for 27 years now. As I get older I have a better understanding of how hard he's worked and I can see that he's made sacrifices in order to provide for us.

All that and more! This man is FUNNY, talented, sensitive and very athletic.

FUNNY: He comes up with words like "Hirstwhile". A word that, to him means "meanwhile", and is now the new nickname for his dog Molly who seems as if she's always waiting for something to happen.

TALENTED: He can play the piano beautifully... and by ear!! I love sitting and listening to him play and a lot of times, when I go visit he plays "Somewhere Out There" for me - one of my favorites as a little girl.

SENSITIVE: It's amazing that my dad can totally be a man's man and at the same time he LOVES shopping, candles, Celine Dion and would choose to watch a chick flick any day over an action/suspense movie. ha!

ATHLETIC: This guy is in better shape than me! He's the best golfer I know and he works out every morning! Even if he's on vacation!

He talks about little Arthur a lot. Even brags to his friends about how he will be a grandpa soon! Can't wait to see these two together! We are a lucky little family :)

Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you.

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